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What Type Of Engraving For Your Wedding Ring Do You Want?

Okay, so you finally designed to wed to the love of your life. Everything seems to be running smoothly, the design for the floral arrangements has been chosen, the date has been set, the guest list is being finalized, and the venue has been covered. But then again, your soon-to-be wife makes a request that leaves you speechless – she wants something called engraved rings.

Okay, you can’t be blamed for being a little confused. You are not particularly passionate about jewelry and rings after all. There is only one way to solve this dilemma, and that is to ask for something more specific. Does she want both of your initials etched on the inside portion of the ring or perhaps a pet name and a memorable quote? Or is she gunning for some intricate and eye-catching designs etched on the outside surface of the rings, visible for all to see?

Honestly, she could be referring to either type of engravings. Or perhaps, she wants both types etched into the rings. For the uninitiated, let’s discuss the two main types of engravings.

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When at the jewellers, you don’t want to have to come up with a good line to put in your rings right away. You could plan ahead of time, but being ready is worth it.

Inscription Engraving

This is the most common type of wedding ring engraving. Couples usually etch something significant on the inside shank of the rings.

It is called inscription engraving because this type etches words and numbers on the ring. These can be names, pet names, initials, date of engagement, wedding date and even message or quotes snatched from song lyrics, poems – something that is very meaningful and significant to the couple.

Decorative Design Engraving

On the other hand, some engravings are etched on the visible or outside surface of the rings. It is done to customize them and add to their aesthetic appeal.

These designs usually come in the form of floral patterns or sweeping designs. They can likewise be tiny pictures etched on the rings to make them truly unique pieces of art. Be mindful though, that due to the intricate designs, you might have to pay more than what you would otherwise pay for purely inscription engraving work. This is understandable since it takes considerable skills to pull it off.

Engraving Method Might Dictate The Type Of Engraving Possible

There are three types of engraving methods used which may impose some limitations on the type of engraving options for your rings. Machine engraving uses some templates, and thus, designs and letter styles will be limited. Laser engraving is more flexible as a skilled operator can basically input the designs into the controlling program of the equipment. Meanwhile, hand engraving will offer the most artistic freedom, but the resulting letters might not be as uniform as those etched by machine processes.

Honeymoon Option

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