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Wedding Ring Engraving Ideas

Wedding preparations can be stressful for everyone. With so much to do, you can easily be swamped with the deluge of little details that need to be dealt with.

One such minor detail that you need to worry about is the content of the wedding rings engagement. Allow us to help you in this regard by offering you some ideas on what to etch on those rings.

Traditional & Simple

You can always go for simple and traditional wedding ring engravings. This can be a combination of names or pet names, initials or the date of your wedding. Also, you can also add a short phrase to complete the inscription which can be taken from the title or lyrics of your favorite song, an excerpt from your wedding vows or even the infinity symbol ∞ to symbolize your eternal love.

However, you might also opt for phrases more commonly found in wedding ring inscriptions such as:

  • I love you
  • Forever
  • I promise
  • Till death do us part
  • Beloved

Go For Humorous Wedding Ring Engravings

Do you find the other suggestions a little too bland for your taste? Of course, you can always rely on rumor to spice things up. If you’ve got a perfect punchline or two, why not convert it into a wedding engraving?

However, if your imagination and humor failed you this time, don’t worry we got you covered. Here are some funny phrases you might want to appear on your ring.

  • You're stuck with me now!
  • One ring to rule them all (J.R.R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings)
  • May The Force Be With Us
  • Non-refundable
  • Put it back on, buster!
  • A deal's a deal
  • Worth the wait

Go Romantic With These Ring Engravings

Of course, some folks just can’t bring themselves to joke when it comes to wedding matters. To these romantics, weddings should be about undying love and romance. Thus, only romantic quotes would pass these folks, such as:

  • Yours forever
  • From this moment on
  • You are my home
  • Truly, madly, deeply
  • You are my heart
  • Love, honor and cherish
  • You are my life

Additional Tips on Ring Engraving

If you had your rings done by a jeweler, you could ask him if he can engrave the rings for you. If he does not offer the service, he can always recommend a competent engraver to do the job.

You need to plan and include the ring engraving task in your schedule. There is some engraver that does the job while you wait, but there are others who will ask you to return in a month to collect the rings.

Shop Online Using Discounts

You can buy anything online these days, and that includes wedding rings. The best part is, you can avail of special discounts if you use online shops voucher codes.