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Things To Consider Before Engraving Your Ring

Things To Consider Before Engraving Your Ring

Engraving meaningful phrases to your wedding ring are one way to personalize that piece of jewelry. After all, no one else can lay claim to it after they put their initials and the date of their wedding rings.
However, before you head out and have your rings engraved, here are some things you should consider first.

Font Size & Length Of Phrase

Be sure to pick up the right size of the font for your ring. Of course, if the phrase you want to engrave is longer, you might want to reduce the font size to accommodate the entire phrase in the area. Of course, it may be best to choose a shorter but more meaningful to get your message across.

Ask For Sample Engravings

Anyone advertising service will tell you that they are the best in the business. However, you can only gauge their real skill and craftsmanship by the quality of their work. Don’t be shy to ask for samples of their finished products to see how good their engraving skills are.

Your Engraver Might Have Some Helpful Input

Wedding rings are usually worn daily. Thus, you will want an engraving that lasts for a very long time. Ask your engraver if there is a particular type of lettering that may be more durable than others.

Of course, choosing the perfect ring for you and for your loved one on that special day when you finally say ‘yes’ to each other can be quite a daunting task. There are far too many designs, far too many choices, and sometimes, having to choose makes you lose sight of the fact that a ring is just a symbol; true love is what you feel, not in what you wear. If you want to keep it simple, maybe you’d like to shop online for your rings (use the Jumia coupon code), and then reserve the grand gestures for travel opportunities.

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Be Specific About Schedules

Always specify what you want the ring done. You need to have the ring ready a few weeks before the wedding to give you time if any adjustments needed to be done. Triple check with the engraver if he can really meet the deadline you have set.

Location Of Engraving Process

Where will the engraving work be done? Will it be done at your home or do you need to send out the ring to the engraver? Be mindful of the risk involved if you need to have the ring sent out. To be sure, you might need to have it insured.

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