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Do you have a catalog?

We don’t have a paper catalog or brochure. We think producing paper catalogs is pointless since most buyers would prefer to make their selection online. Also, we are always updating our products, and these updates won’t be reflected if we use paper catalogs or brochures.
However, you can always browse our online catalog displaying the items we offer. The items are regularly updated so you can be sure that whatever we display on our site is still available.

Do you have a shop we could visit?

At the moment, we do not have a physical shop that you can drop by. We display all our items online to minimize our operation cost. In that manner, we can continue to sell quality rings and jewelry at very affordable rates.

Does offer wedding ring engraving services? offers monogramming, hand-engraving and machine-engraving services for wedding rings. Aside from the usual texts and number you commonly find in rings, we also offer engraving services for even complicated designs. Just visit this link for the most commonly used designs we have.

Are all the items that you sell available for engraving? If not, how will I find which items can be engraved before shipping?

It is easy to know if an item we carry in our inventory can be engraved on. Just click on the “Engraved Items” link you find when browsing our catalog and it will lead you to a page listing the items. When clicking on the items, you can need to choose “Engraving Options” to view which designs are available for that particular product.

Do you have a return policy on engraved items?

Unless defective, we do not allow returns on engraved items.

What designs do you engrave? Can I send my design such as logos to be engraved on an item to be purchased at your site?

Aside from the letters and numbers, we do allow designs to be engraved on the item. However, these designs that are only available in our system. Please click on the “Engraving Options” link for a particular product to see what designs are only allowed. No, we do not do logos submitted to us.

Can we send an item to you for engraving?

Unfortunately, we do not offer that type of service at the moment. The reason is that as a large organization, it would be very hard for us to track any item sent to us. Also, it might get lost during the shipment process and would only create additional problems for our customers and us.