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Turn Your Wedding Rings Into Customized Masterpieces

No piece of jewelry would hold as much sentimental value as that of wedding and engagement rings. Of course, they mark those very special occasions that happen only once or twice (if you remarry) times in your life but their meaning goes beyond that. They are actually the physical symbol of your commitment with your loved one, a promise to cherish each other for the rest of your lives.

In today’s generation where almost everything is just one click away, couples can quickly buy their wedding rings through some online shops like Lazada and Zalora, and even get special discounts. However, other couples prefer to have their wedding rings uniquely designed by a professional ring designer.

Make Your Ring Even More Special

Actually, there is a way to make your wedding rings even more romantic. With the help of your favorite engraver, you can actually place sentimental encryptions on your rings, messages meaningful to both of you that will stand the test of time. A few years from now, a simple glimpse on these inscriptions will surely bring a smile to your face as you reminisce about all those wonderful memories. Decades later, the engravings on the rings can be a source of inspiration for the younger generations of your ever-expanding family as you retell the story behind the meaning of these words when your kids or grandkids’ start asking about them.

What Should You Engrave On Your Rings?

Actually, there is no manual or guidelines on what you should or not include on a wedding ring engraving. Any artist or engraver will respect your wishes. After all, the message should tell your story and no one else’s.

However, there are some common themes or patterns which you might want to consider. Traditionally, it would include your initials as well as the wedding date since, you know, in case the time comes that you become a bit forgetful that you won’t even remember your own wedding date.

Aside from the date and initials, the inscription usually contains a phrase or a sentence. At this point, the exact phrase will depend solely on your preference. Some couples take it from their favorite song, others from a poem that touched them deeply at one point in their lives while others go with something religious – a bible quote for instance. However, the brave few will forge their own words, and that is okay too. In fact, that would be a form of ultimate self-expression and certainly an original.

You Can Have It Hand Engraved

In the past, all engravings are done by hand. Skilled artists can even make inscriptions in any style of text you want by using gravers, a tool that can be likened to a miniature chisel and used in carving designs into metals.

Hand engraved inscriptions will have that old world feel. However, please remember that the quality of the finished work is directly dependent on the skills of the artisan. Moreover, engravers usually prefer to work with gold rings over platinum ones because gold is softer and, therefore, easier to work with. If you insist on them engraving on a platinum ring, be prepared to shell out additional cash.

Machine Engraving

Of course, you can only opt to have your ring machine-engraved. Most engravers have engraving machines at the establishments. They are usually cheaper as they don’t rely on the engraving skills of the operator. Today, most of them are computer controlled and will be able to draw complicated designs on your ring without much trouble.